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Legendary and Loveable

The Ancient Roman-Style Pizza Recipe that Graces Today’s Tables

Our love language is pinsa. We bring people together with a top-and-bake Roman-style pizza that’s healthy, artisanal, and simply irresistible.

Pinsa Romana is an ancient Roman-style pizza recipe that’s been refined and perfected for today’s palates. Pinsa Romana America is honored to be the exclusive distributor of Pinsa Romana GMO-free par-baked pinsa crusts to restaurants, retail locations, and ultimately families across the United States.

Serve Better. Serve Pinsa.

We are committed to our customers. From our intensive food safety practices to providing top-notch customer care, our love for elevating menus and experiences is evident in everything we do.

Rich in flavor, aroma, and endless “top-abilities,” our pinsa crusts have been stretched and pressed to perfection. Chefs, restaurateurs, retailers, and distributors can be confident in a quality, shelf-stable product, and consumers can trust that they are in for an authentic Italian experience that’s healthier, tastier, and better than traditional pizza.

Join the Pinsa Romana America family. There’s always an extra seat at the table.

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Upgrade your offerings with top-and-bake pinsa crusts everyone will love! Partner with Pinsa Romana America today and discover how you can simply serve better.

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