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With our revolutionary Roman-style pizza crusts taking over the U.S., we are looking for distributors who enjoy collaboration and have a vision for growing the pinsa crust market. We believe a thriving relationship is built on transparency and loyalty, because that’s what we promise in return.

We approach partnerships the same way we approach everything we do: with a whole lot of heart. The relationships we build with our distributors are as authentic as our artisanal pinsa crusts, and with transparent communication and top-notch customer care, you can be confident in elevating your business with Pinsa Romana America’s par-baked pinsa crusts.

Distributor Requirements

Keeping our product fresh is paramount, therefore, there are a few things that a distributor must have in order to sell our pinsa crusts. Access to our distributors’ sales boards and a mutual commitment to a market growth strategy enables us to have insight on who is buying our pinsa crusts, so we can pivot when and if we need to.

All of our distributors must:

  • Have freezer trucks
  • Provide monthly sales reports
  • Provide phone numbers and email addresses of sales reps
  • Commit to sales meetings and trainings
  • Commit to on work/ride-alongs
  • Have the desire and knowledge to strategize their market growth plan

Join the Pinsa Romana America family today, and let’s grow this exciting pinsa market—together.

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Ready to serve up our revolutionary crust? Use Pinsa Romana America-approved brand assets for ads, collateral, and more! Take a look at our marketing materials and you’ll be spreading the love of pinsa faster than you can say presto!

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