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Something fresh is taking over the U.S. market! Pinsa Romana America offers a top-and-bake pinsa crust that can be prepared by any business, big or small—all you need is an oven and a craving for an authentic Italian dish!

Industry partners of all kinds praise Pinsa Romana America pinsa crusts for its revolutionary flavor profile and cost-effective convenience. Consisting of a non-GMO blend of flours, 100% vegan ingredients, and up to 80% hydration for easy digestibility, our authentic Roman-style pinsa crusts are a healthier, better version of traditional pizza. Simply top our par-baked pinsa crusts with fresh ingredients, bake for 3 to 4 minutes, and presto! you’re serving up an irresistible, crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside Roman-style pizza.

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Restaurants & Bars

From food trucks to fine dining, Pinsa Romana America can be trusted with every venue’s needs. Carlo Pedone, owner of Pinsa Romana America, knows that owners and operators have a lot on their plate—he did it himself for over thirty years! Born from his love of bringing people together through food, Pinsa Romana America’s par-baked pinsa crusts are the simple, cost-effective solution for the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry. Pinsa Romana America is the trustworthy upgrade to your menu.

We partner with a variety of restaurants and bars, including:

  • Fine dining
  • Fast casual
  • Breweries
  • Delis
  • Country clubs
  • Food trucks
  • And more!
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Entertainment Spaces

Everyone wants a side of pizza with their entertainment, but no one wants to suffer the consequences of a heavy-feeling stomach for the rest of the day. Pinsa Romana America offers an authentic Italian dining experience that is a healthier, better version of traditional pizza. Going to a ball game or a concert shouldn’t mean dismissing the possibility of fresh flavors. With simple preparation and a refined Roman-style pizza recipe, our pinsa crusts are the perfect upgrade to any menu. Our pinsa crusts are guaranteed to enhance your guests’ overall experience.

We work with entertainment spaces including:

  • Casinos
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • And more!
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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is all about making guests as comfortable as possible. Pinsa Romana America’s top-and-bake pinsa crusts can be customized to please every palate. Hotel guests can enjoy artisanal pizzas poolside, and airport travelers can savor our pinsa crusts in between connecting flights. We make serving better, simple. Offer your guests Italian cuisine that’s so delicious, they’ll come back for seconds!!

We partner with:

  • Hotels
  • Theme parks
  • Cruise ships
  • Airports
  • And more!
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Food Retailers

Grocery stores and supermarkets around the U.S. are thrilled to offer take-and-bake pinsa pizzas. Sent to food retailers on bakeable cardboard, Pinsa Romana America’s par-baked pinsa crusts can be custom-topped by grocery store chefs and sold as their own creation. Grocery shoppers can experience an at-home authentic Italian meal with ease, because these convenient take-and-bake pinsas are a fresh upgrade from traditional frozen pizza! Attract new customers with par-baked pinsa crusts and watch as shopping carts fill with customized Roman-style pizzas!

We partner with:

  • Conventional supermarkets & grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • And more!
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