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A Letter From Pinsa Romana America Founder Carlo F. Pedone

So, how did I come up with Pinsa Romana?

Well, it all started when an old childhood friend, Lillo Sortino, reached out to me. I had not spoken to Lillo for many years, so imagine my surprise when I started receiving a handful of phone calls from him in Italy. Unfortunately, I was always wrapped up in other things when Lillo would call, so I consistently missed those calls (sorry, Lillo).

When we finally connected, Lillo told me about this “healthier pizza dough” that he had tried and thought I’d be interested in using here at my restaurant in Wisconsin. I told him that I had tried countless varieties of pizza dough over the years and I was pretty confident that I was already making the best dough around at my restaurant (between my 25+ years of experience and my father who had been making pizza since the 60’s, we felt pretty good). Fortunately for me, Lillo is persistent.

On a trip to Sicily to train with Italian chefs, I met up with my old friend to learn more about this dough. Lillo joined me at my house and – like your typical Sicilian – made himself right at home. He turned my oven on and pulled out these oval looking pizza crusts. The whole time he was cooking the crusts, he was raving about how great Pinsa Romana is. I was sitting there thinking to myself, “What is Pinsa Romana?”

As the crusts finished cooking, I was floored by the texture, aroma, and flavor from my first bite. The Pinsa dough had created a light, airy crust that didn’t taste like anything I’ve had before – it was unique, and special.

Fast forward to today, where Lillo and I are proud partners in Pinsa Romana America. We’ve come
together to bring authentic Pinsa Romana to chefs and restaurant groups across the country and train people how to craft the perfect Italian Pinsa.

Funny how great things can start with a missed phone call.

An Ingredient Rooted in History

The Pinsa Romana ingredient originated in Italy in 2001, but had been a dream in-the-making for decades before then.

Corrado Di Marco, of the renowned Di Marco Family, was born into a family of culinary experts. His passion for food and innovation led him to create something new and exciting – an ingredient that would change the way people eat and enjoy pizza; he called it “Pinsa Romana.”

Corrado observed that traditional pizza was heavy and made with fat, something that made it hard to digest. He believed he could create a new ingredient that would result in a taste as good (if not better) than traditional pizza, but was far lighter and easier to digest.

After years of perfecting the signature blend, Corrado and his family began offering the flour for sale through their family business, Di Marco Food. Today, Corrado’s sons – Enrico, Alberto, and Francesco – proudly honor their father’s creation and ensure every bag of Pinsa Romana flour is as perfect as Corrado intended.

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