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Gusto Pinsa Romana brings Roman-style flatbread to Lower Nob Hill

abc7 News, December 2018

Lower Nob Hill, San Fransico welcomes a hybrid cafe and pizza parlor, Gusto Pinsa Romana! With the wide variety of pinsas on its menu, the new restaurant is quickly growing a local fan base.

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Aurora Pizzeria Experimenting With Healthier Crust

The Beacon-News / The Chicago Tribune, November 2018

Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center was the first pizzeria in Aurora, Illinois when started back in 1953; now it will be the area’s first restaurant and entertainment center to serve Pinsa Romana!

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Stefano Casati Brings Roman-Style Pinsas to Chicago

PMQ Magazine, August 2018 

Pinsa has finally arrived in Chicago!

Casati’s Pizza Vino opened its doors for business on August 15. The owner Stefano Casati’s menu features 11 red and white-sauce pinsas as well as vegetarian options. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

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How to Make a Smarter Roman-Style Pizza

PMQ Magazine, August 2018

Pinsa Romana is quickly making a name for itself in the culinary world. Born from a traditional recipe and perfected for decades, this innovative flour blend is changing the game.

What is Pinsa Romana? Here are five things you need to know.

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Idea Zone: Pinsa is Revolutionary in Flavor, Texture and Shape

PMQ Magazine, June 2018

Pinsa is a revolutionary new product in flavor, texture and shape. Inspired by an ancient Roman flatbread cooked on hot ashes, pinsa resembles Roman pizza a taglio but isn’t exactly that.

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What is Pinsa?

PMQ Magazine, May 2018

As more chefs and consumers incorporate ancient grains into their diets, we’re also seeing bygone culinary traditions return to the pizza industry.

You may have noticed a growing interest in pinsa lately. What’s pinsa? In Roman times, people took a mixture of water, millet, barley and oats (and later spelt) and formed it into a flatbread before cooking it on hot ashes and a stone.

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