When a chef discovers the versatility of pinsa pizza for the first time…something magical happens. They’re immediately enchanted with its heavenly aroma, delicately crisp outer shell, and, best of all, its blank surface. Like canvases waiting to be painted, the versatility of pinsa crusts allow culinary artists to create custom dishes.

What is Pinsa Pizza?

Pinsa, the authentic, Roman-style pizza crust, is inspired by a centuries-old recipe. It’s made with a revolutionary blend of non-GMO wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours, crafted with care and rooted in tradition. Simply put, it’s an artisanal pizza base that has stood the test of time.

Pinsa’s flavor profile is exquisite yet universal enough to compliment every topping. It’s the perfect balance of upscale and mild: enhancing all garnishes, not overpowering them. That’s why chefs around the U.S trust pinsa to be the base of their dish—it’s as versatile as it is delicious.

Read more to explore why chefs and restaurateurs around the world are praising the versatility of pinsa!

Elevate Your Menu With Pinsa Pizza!

From fine dining to food trucks, the versatility of par-baked pinsa pizza crusts can be trusted to fulfill every venue’s needs. These top-and-bake crusts can be easily prepared by any business, big or small. No fancy equipment is required—all you need is an oven and a passion for authentic Italian food!

Pinsa pizza can be served virtually anywhere, including:

  • Fine dining
  • Fast-casual restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Sporting events
  • Airports
  • Food trucks
  • Country clubs
  • Theme parks
  • Grocery stores
  • And more!

Industry partners of all kinds praise par-baked pinsa crusts for its ability to add authentic Italian cuisine to any kitchen with cost-effective convenience. Plus, these crusts can be kept in refrigeration for up to six days and stored in the freezer for months.

Meticulously hand-stretched and hand-pressed in an SQF-certified commercial facility, Pinsa Romana America’s pinsa crusts arrive at your venue ready to be topped with fresh ingredients, and placed in the oven for just a few minutes. You’ll be serving up a crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, Roman-style pizza faster than you can say presto!

Explore Endless Top-abilities With Pinsa Pizza

Working with pizza dough in a busy kitchen can be cumbersome. It takes a long time to stretch, press, and bake the dough to artisanal standards. This tedious process can hinder a chef from focusing on the combination of flavors and textures of the pizza toppings.

But, when a chef is working with a par-baked pinsa crust, they can flex their culinary creativity without having to worry about the dough process. How can you get your hands on some? Pinsa Romana America is proud to offer artisanal par-baked crusts in an array of sizes. With the promise of a perfect base every time, chefs can top their pies with whatever their heart desires—and have peace of mind that pinsa’s dynamic flavor profile will complement any and all creations.

While marinara sauce and mozzarella are classic pizza toppings, the world of garnishes knows no bounds. For example, topping a pinsa crust with walnuts, chopped pears, and robiola cheese offers a unique depth of flavor, filled with tang and nuttiness. It’s unexpected, yet elegant. Or you might be in the mood for a backyard cookout. Try freshly grilled zucchini matched with creamy ricotta, lemon zest, a sprinkle of fresh mint, and a drizzle of peppery olive oil. It’s the perfect, refreshing pinsa recipe to impress your guests.

Pinsa’s versatility can be tested at any time of the day. Craving pizza for breakfast? Sprinkle on some sausage and scrambled eggs. What about dessert pizza? Top it with fresh berries and chocolate sauce. With par-baked pinsa crusts, the top-abilities are truly endless!

Try it for yourself! Expand your horizons and test out a few unique, artisanal recipes, such as a sweet, Orange Marmalade Pinsa Pizza, or perhaps a “shrimply” delightful, Shrimp Pesto Pinsa Pizza.

An orange marmalade pinsa.        A shrimp pesto pinsa.




Pinsa is a Delight for most Diets

Whether serving up a meat lover’s delight or a plant-based veggie pie, chefs can cater to all guests with pinsa. The crust’s clean ingredients allow even the healthiest of eaters to indulge in a pizza dish. Made with no added sugars or fats, and up to 80% hydration for easy digestibility, pinsa proves that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor in the name of nutrition.

Plus, pinsa’s ancient recipe is naturally vegan and gluten-friendly, giving people with dietary restrictions the opportunity to enjoy a delightful dinner!

Partner with Pinsa Romana America

Carlo Pedone, owner of Pinsa Romana America, knows that chefs and restaurateurs have a lot on their plate—he did it himself for over thirty years! Born from his love of bringing people together through food, Pinsa Romana America’s par-baked crusts bring versatility, simplicity, and joy into the hustle and bustle of restaurant kitchens.

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