Pizza is a big part of our lives—and it’s everywhere! From restaurants to breweries, airports, ball games, event spaces, and more, pizza is simply a staple of American culture. In fact, Americans consume approximately 3 billion pizzas per year!

Perhaps the reason we love pizza so much is that it’s so much more than a meal. Pizza is delicious, comforting, and a key ingredient to making memories. And it all starts with great pizza crust.

As the unequivocal foundation of the pizza, the crust always has to be buonissimo! Without the perfect pizza crust, the whole pie is doomed. No matter how many tempting toppings you pile on, a pizza without the proper crust cannot be saved.

With so many cultivated pizza dough recipes in the world, there’s no reason to settle for a pizza that isn’t up to par.

What makes a bad pizza crust?

  • Overly processed
  • Chewy, soggy crust
  • Made with high gluten white flour
  • Full of added sugars and preservatives
  • Lacking fiber and nutrients
  • Lacking flavorful crust

Bottom line: the heavy feeling in your stomach after eating mediocre pizza just isn’t worth it.

Now that we’ve covered what constitutes a crummy crust, let’s talk about what makes pizza crusts so incredible, you’ll feel like you were transported to a seaside restaurant on the Amalfi Coast, or the cobblestone streets of Rome.

What makes a good pizza crust?

It’s easy to make any ordinary pizza crust, but the best pizza crusts take inherited knowledge, artisanal skill, and a passion for good food. If a pizza crust possesses all five of the following traits, you’re in for a real treat!

6 Qualities of Craveworthy Pizza Crusts

1. Divine Taste: The most important aspect of a pizza crust is its flavor. The crust should enhance the toppings of the pizza, not overpower them. It must be the perfect balance of upscale and mild. The taste should be universal enough to please every palate, but flavorful enough to be declared divine, no matter what is sprinkled on top.

2. Top-notch Texture: Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. What could be better than that mouth-watering combo? The pizza crust texture should be in harmony with any possible topping. Once you pull it out of the oven and take the first bite, the warm, delicate interior should complement the crunch of the exterior.

3. Quality Ingredients: A pizza crust’s list of ingredients should be clean and simple. For example, the less artificial sugars and added preservatives, the better! Pizza dough recipes rooted in centuries-old formulas are bound to be authentic and artisanal, because the ingredients are organic, not processed. Ancient ingredients such as “zero” wheat, soy, rice, and sourdough flours as found in pinsa will assure traditional quality, resulting in a craveworthy pizza crust on merit of flavor, aroma, and texture.

4. Enticing Aroma: The pizza crust’s aroma alone should tell you a great deal of what you need to know about its quality. While baking in the oven, the pizza dough should leave an irresistibly savory scent lingering in the air, tempting you to take it out before it’s even baked through.

5. Nutritious and Delicious: While delicious, pizza is a comfort food that leads to discomfort. It has a bad habit of sitting in your stomach like a rock. However, when a pizza crust is made with healthy ingredients, you can carry on with your day feeling satisfied, not bloated. Fiber, high hydration levels, and a blend of non-GMO flours as found in pinsa makes this meal easier to digest, resulting in a positive pizza-eating experience with no regrets!

6. Made with Love: You can tell a pizza crust was made with passion when it’s crafted with care and rooted in tradition. When a pizza dough recipe has been passed down through generations, there’s a reason why it is still being honored today. A crust manufactured in a factory does not stand the tests of time. On the flip side, a crust that’s been meticulously hand-pressed by a culinary artist will deliver on so much more than flavor. That’s because when it’s made with love, you can taste—and feel—the difference!

Pinsa Romana America: High Quality Roman-Style Pizza Crusts

Out of all the quality pizza crusts in the world, there is no better option for a pizza night or a courtside snack than the revolutionary pinsa crust. Infused with passion and hand-pressed to perfection in our SQF-certified facility, this product goes above and beyond expectations for a quality crust.

Chef Carlo Pedone, owner of Pinsa Romana America, is delighted to reintroduce par-baked pinsa crusts to grocery stores and dinner tables across the U.S. Trusted by the legendary Di Marco family, Chef Carlo recognized and refined the recipe to enchant modern palates.

Pinsa Romana America’s recipe stems from ancient Rome, consisting of up to 80% water for easy digestibility and hand-pressed with authentic Italian techniques. With a blend of non-GMO “zero” wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours, our high-quality ingredients steer clear of any added sugars or saturated fats. At Pinsa Romana America, we believe that the secret to perfect pizza dough is love, which is why our pinsa crust is the healthiest, tastiest, best Roman-style pizza crust.

We make serving better, simple.

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