The pizza industry is under constant analysis, because pizza is everywhere. People love pizza. It’s a mealtime staple, perfect for parties, game nights, and family dinners. It’s no surprise that 98% of Americans eat pizza—it’s essentially ingrained in our culture! Keep reading to explore the trends in the pizza industry, and how pinsa, the revolutionary Roman-style pizza crust, is the perfect solution for all kitchens, big and small.

6 Pizza Industry Trends

In the United States, pizza is a 55 billion dollar industry, with a market growing at about 1.1% per year. It’s not stopping anytime soon, so let’s take a look at some upward trends.

  1. Vegan Pizza: As the vegan diet rapidly increases in popularity, vegan pizza has surged 187% on menus in the last 3 years—the fastest growing type of pizza in the United States. Studies suggest that this increase in demand is only going up from here, allowing vegans to enjoy plenty of plant-based pizza options!
  2. Healthy Ingredients: Living a healthy lifestyle is trending now more than ever. But even people looking to shed a few pounds can’t find it in themselves to give up pizza. So, they opt for a compromise: piling on the veggies while avoiding the traditional fatty toppings, and selecting a healthier crust, such as a cauliflower or gluten-free option to cut back on carbs. As of now, gluten-free pizza is on 11.4% of current pizza menus, and is projected to grow even more as the demand rises.
  3. Quick Service: Fast-casual restaurants are the most rapidly growing segment of the restaurant industry. Seen as a step up from fast food joints, yet still cost-effective and quick, this type of pizza service is winning over hearts of on-the-go pizza lovers.
  4. Convenience: As frozen pizza sales are on the rise, pizza consumers have shifted the way they indulge in Italian food. Instead of making pizza from scratch or going out for a sit-down meal, people are choosing to buy premade dough, par-baked pizza crust, or frozen pizzas for a seemingly effortless, delicious dinner at home.
  5. Customization: Although some still opt for a classic pepperoni pie, not everyone wants the traditional pizza experience anymore. Customizable crusts are all the rage; people like the idea of adding whatever toppings their hearts desire, fulfilling their dietary wants and needs.
  6. Pizza all day: People are starting to realize that there’s never a “wrong” time of day to eat pizza; it can be enjoyed around-the-clock—even at the crack of dawn! And they’re not just talking about cold pizza from last night’s leftovers, but instead, artisanal breakfast pizza topped with eggs, potatoes, sausage, and more. Because of this boom in craving Italian cuisine at sunrise, experts say that breakfast pizza, currently on less than 3% of menus, is expected to grow 15% in the next 4 years!

Many pizzerias are facing challenges with keeping up with today’s pizza industry trends and demands, especially with such a rapidly-growing industry, flooded with competition. The selection of high-quality chefs that can craft artisanal, customizable, and healthy pizza is dwindling.

Pinsa: The Upgrade for Every Kitchen

Pinsa, the Roman-style, par-baked pizza crust of every chef’s dreams, is full of authentic Italian ingredients from a refined ancient recipe. It’s healthier, tastier, and simply better than traditional pizza!

  • A Healthy Foundation: If you want a healthy meal, you need to start with a healthy base. The revolutionary recipe of pinsa crust consists of a blend of non-GMO wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours, up to 80% hydration for easy digestion, and no added sugars or saturated fats. Naturally vegan and gluten-friendly, pinsa proves that you don’t have to sacrifice a divine flavor profile for a nutritious meal.
  • A Crust Everyone Will Crave: Pinsa crusts are blank canvases for culinary creativity, customizable to please everyone’s pizza preferences. Whether you’re a meat-lover or completely plant-based, pinsa is the perfect crust for any and all garnishes, because its recipe boasts a universally loved flavor. Non-traditional toppings are always welcome, allowing chefs to craft breakfast, dessert, and any specialty pinsa creation they can imagine.
  • We Press, You Bake: Cost-effective and convenient, par-baked pinsa crusts arrive at kitchens hand-tossed, hand-pressed, and ready to be topped with fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect solution for every kitchen, delivering artisanal Roman-style pizzas to dinner tables across the United States. Simply pop it in the oven for a few minutes, serve it to your guests, and watch as they swoon over the light, airy crust.

Serve Better. Serve Pinsa Romana America.

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