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“Pinsa is a fantastic product to work with. It has many traits that we like as chef’s in this industry. The flavor is unbelievable on it’s own before you even add any toppings. It’s also very versatile.

I have used it not only to make traditional pinsa, but also buns for sandwiches & burgers. I feel I have barely touched the surface on what you can use this product for.

Carlo and his team are also amazing and awesome to work with. If you are not offering pinsa at your location………well we can’t all be awesome can we?”

Jason Joyner
Chef/Operating Partner
Twisted Fire

“I was recently at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee, WI searching for food I could eat when I came across the Pinsa Romana booth. At the booth, I asked if I could eat this new pizza, as I typically don’t handle gluten well. The ingredients were kindly explained to me, so I decided to order the Margarita Pizza – it was delicious, and I did NOT have any side effects. I was so pleased that I could enjoy the pizza!”

Jennifer Berg

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