What is Pinsa?

A New Food Revolution

Pinsa Romana is a revolutionary ingredient that is both rich in innovation yet rooted in Italian tradition. It is changing the way chefs, restaurant owners, and food-lovers experience Italian cuisine.

The flour-based product is used to create a light and flavorful crust that can be topped with your choice of ingredients – much like pizza – but with far fewer calories and endless possibilities when it comes to customization.

Developed in 2001 by the legendary Corrado Di Marco, this secret blend of soy flour, rice flour, wheat flour, and sourdough is poised to be the next culinary innovation and food craze to sweep the nation.

Designed for Flavor & Nutrition

Not only is Pinsa Romana used to develop delicious pinsa, it is also an all-around nutritional improvement when compared to traditional pizza ingredients.

This health benefit frees up chefs to be creative while still meeting the flavor needs of even the most refined palate, and allows everyday food lovers the opportunity to indulge in a slice or two (or eight) of pinsa without feeling guilty or too full.

See The Difference

Dough Pinsa Pizza Difference
Rising Time (h) 72 12-24 +48-60%
Water (wt%) 80 50 +60%
Protein (g) 9.9 15.5 -36%
Sugar (g) .5 .96 -48%
Fat (g) 2 13 -85%
Saturated Fat (g) .6 6.6 -91%
Fiber (g) 1 1.7 -41%
Cholesterol (mg) .08 29 -100%

Add Pinsa to Your Menu

Become a Pinsa Expert

Pinsa represents the next opportunity for chefs and restaurateurs to provide their customers with something new and exciting. Whether you want to learn how to make it from actual Pinsa masters or work with Pinsa Romana US to source your pinsa flour, we’re your partner.

What Can You Do With Pinsa?

In short, anything! Our team of Pinsa Romana experts provides a premium flour blend that allows you to craft delicious dishes. Specifically, we help you create authentic Roman-style meals, including:

  • Pinsa Romana: Flour mix for high-quality and high-technology dough using wheat, soy, rice & sourdough flour and high hydration for digestibility
  • Pizza a Teglia: Flour mix ideal for Roman-style Pizza in teglia (pizza in a pan) More yeast and an even more hydrated dough
  • Pizza a Pala: Grain and soy flour mix for a highly digestible pizza tasting like bread made the old-fashioned way.

Pinsa Romana Flour

  • Ready-to-use flour mixes
  • Crafted for taste and texture
  • Menu Strategies & Implementation Guidance
  • Ongoing Pinsa Romana education
  • Strategic partnership with Chef Carlo Pedone

Learn more

The Academy

  • 5-Day Course
  • Taught by Chef Marco Montuori
  • How to Make Pinsa
  • Menu Strategies
  • And more!

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