What is Pinsa?

A Revolutionary Roman Recipe

Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana are ingredients rich in innovation, yet rooted in Roman tradition. Made with a revolutionary blend of four GMO-free flours that includes wheat, soy, rice, and sourdough, these artisanally crafted products are changing the culinary landscape for chefs, restaurant owners, and food-lovers from Italy to America.

Unlike dense pizza crust, cloud-like Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana are more than a base for toppings. Their decadent and complex flavors make these crusts an integral component to any culinary creation, and are, themselves, the foundations for building a franchise around.

Rediscovering & Refining Pinsa Romana

Indigenous to Rome, pinsa derives from the Latin word “pinsere” which means, “to press.” The recipe dates as far back as the Golden Age of the Roman empire, where it’s described in Virgil’s Aeneid as a “low and oval cake” cooked over hot coals and with the benefit of easy digestibility.

In 2001, legendary culinary expert Corrado Di Marco spent over a decade refining this ancient recipe, and reintroduced a truly revolutionary ingredient to the culinary world.

Pressed to Perfection

Culinary expert Di Marco perfected these Roman-style crusts. By integrating rice flour into the mixture, he was able to remove saturated fats, oil, and gluten, eliminating the need to add sugar. Made up of over 80% water, Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana are considered to be a high-hydration food and are, therefore, easily digestible.

  • 48 to 72-hour fermentation
    • For easier digestibility
    • Increases complex flavor profile
  • ⅔ less gluten
  • GMO-free grains replace heavy fats
  • No sugar added
  • 100% less cholesterol
  • 80% water

Delivering Exceptional Benefits & Dining Experiences

Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana are as versatile and convenient as they are delicious. A modern take on a traditional recipe, these crusts encourage chefs to express their individual creativity and expertise while delivering a quality dining experience to guests. With a long leavening time which results in high-profile aroma and flavor, crusts can be stretched and prepared in advance, refrigerated for up to six days, and frozen for months. These numerous benefits make Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana truly a revelation for chefs, restaurant owners, and hotel managers.

  • Adapts to all menus
  • Encourages culinary creativity
  • Fragrant and flavorful
  • Advance preparation

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