What We Do

Offering Premier Pinsa Flour to Chefs

Pinsa Romana US is a proud partner of the Di Marco family and Di Marco Food. We offer a selection of pinsa flour mixes to chefs and restauranteurs around the United States who are searching for a new and exciting product to add to their menus.

Our mission is to introduce chefs to this revolutionary and authentic Italian ingredient, educate them on how to best use it, and provide a premier product that changes the way your customers experience Italian cuisine.

We Specialize In All Roman-Style Pizza

Currently, we offer a product line of three innovative flour mixes to help you create truly beautiful and delicious pinsas. Read more about them below and contact us today to learn how you can introduce Pinsa Romana to your menu!

Our Products

Pinsa Expert

Our Pinsa Expert flour mix is a unique and innovative evolution of the original pinsa romana. This product has been specifically designed for a high flavor profile, a crisp and light texture, and easy digestibility.

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Pinsa Fibra

The Pinsa Fibra product is similar to the Pinsa Expert mix but with added fiber to increase digestibility. This is the ideal blend for chefs looking for a health-conscious product that doesn't sacrifice flavor.

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Spolvero Bianco

Spolvero Bianco is a flour mix ideal for working with high-hydration dough, as it helps ensure the perfect crispy texture after baking. This product has a high yield, keeps dough from becoming sticky, and offers a smoothness that traditional wheat flours can't.

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