Everyone loves pizza. Between its aroma, texture, and taste, pizza is undeniably delicious. The only downside? Eating one slice too many can come at a cost.

We can all agree that the worst part about pizza is the feeling you get once it’s eaten. Bloating, discomfort, and fatigue are all unfortunate consequences of overindulging. In fact, it takes about 6-8 hours to digest pizza due to the sheer amount of starches in its crust. But, it’s hard to stay away from such a classic dish. That’s why healthier pizza options are becoming a nation-wide trend.

While restaurant and cafe owners are happy to jump on the health-conscious foodie trend, they still want to maintain the integrity of pizza ingredients. Cauliflower crust doesn’t cut it when it comes to classic Italian flavors and divine textures.

How do we indulge in pizza without feeling regret? We’ll let you in on a centuries-old secret. It’s called pinsa.

Pinsa: The Healthy Upgrade to Pinsa

A modern take on an ancient recipe, pinsa is a Roman-style pizza crust that is both vegan and gluten-friendly. It has no added sugars or saturated fats, so the ingredients are as artisanal as they are natural.

Pinsa is infused with up to 80% hydration, giving the gluten ample opportunity to soften within the dough. This, along with a non-GMO blend of wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours, makes pinsa crust engineered for easy digestibility. Significant water content eases post-meal discomfort, proving that delicious pizza crust can be as gluten-friendly as it is gut-friendly.

The best part? Eating healthy doesn’t have to sacrifice taste. Despite its clean ingredients, pinsa has a dynamic flavor profile and crisp texture.

3 Tips for Serving a Healthy Pizza Dish

Pinsa is very versatile—it can be topped with whatever your heart desires. When aiming for a healthier menu, try these tricks to keep your restaurant both nutritious and delicious!

  1. Pile on the Veggies
    Implementing vegetables into your pizza toppings is a great way to spin it into a fiber-filled dish. Sprinkle on some arugula, peppers, or fresh basil for a serving of greens atop your pie.
  2. The Fresher, The Better
    Avoid overly-processed toppings such as alfredo sauce, sausage, and cheese with high fat content. Aim for locally-made ingredients and fresh produce.
  3. Experiment with Unconventional Toppings
    Skip the classic toppings and venture out to new food groups! Experiment with figs, walnuts, and grilled peaches for a more creative, balanced meal.

Serve Better. Serve Pinsa.

Chefs and restaurant owners around the U.S. are swooning over our par-baked crusts. Why? Because Pinsa Romana America makes serving healthy pizza easier than ever. Simply top with fresh ingredients, pop in the oven for just a few minutes, and serve a pizza that’s as healthy as it is divine.

Join the Pinsa Romana America family to fill your kitchen with a guilt-free pizza upgrade. The best way to show your guests you care is to assure their food-filled memories have happy endings.

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