Flour Blends

Authentic Roman Flour Blends

The perfect base for endless creations.

Pinsa Romana America currently offers three GMO-free flour blends, plus a dusting flour, for chefs and restaurateurs who want to add authentic Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana to their menus. These innovations are meant for skilled and experienced chefs in fast casual to casual, as well as fine dining environments.

Pinsa Expert

Our flagship blend, Pinsa Expert is a unique and innovative evolution of the original pinsa romana. This product has been specifically designed for a high flavor profile, a crisp and light texture, and easy digestibility.

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Teglia Romana

Teglia Romana has higher hydration levels developed for even higher digestibility and an enduring texture. Cooked in a pan, the crust is crunchier than pinsa crust, but just as tender on the inside.

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Pinsa +Fibra

With the same foundation as Pinsa Expert, Pinsa +Fibra is fortified with whole wheat, increasing the ratio of wheat to flour in the mixture. It has a firmer texture and added health benefits without sacrificing flavor.

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Spolvero Bianco

Used for all of our blends, Spolvero Bianco is a dusting rice flour that’s been designed specifically for high-hydration dough like Pinsa Romana and Teglia Romana, adding extra crispness to the top and bottom of the crust. One bag of Spolvero Bianco is ideal for every eight bags of either Pinsa Expert, Pinsa +Fibra, or Teglia Romana.

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To learn more about ordering Pinsa Romana America flour blends or training to become a certified pinsa chef, contact Pinsa Romana America.

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