The Pinsa Romana America family loves nothing more than bringing people together through good food. We are delighted to see our authentic Roman-style pizza featured on Chicago’s WGN News, spreading the love of pinsa to more people than ever before!

Stefano Casati, co-owner of Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant, flaunts the wonders of pinsa—from the health benefits and ancient Roman recipe, to the meticulous fermentation and hand-pressing process. Together, this creates a crust that is light, airy, and simply irresistible. “It not only tastes great, but it’s low carb and low gluten!,” the host explained.

Stefano Casati goes on to demonstrate a beautifully garnished smoked salmon pinsa, and a mouth-watering mortadella and burrata pinsa. Lucky for Chicagoans, both pinsas are available on his restaurant’s menu! Visit Casati’s Modern Italian for dining al-fresco and Wednesday night wine tastings. Find the perfect wine pairing for your next pinsa.

To watch the video and view in-depth recipes, visit WGN News.