Craving pizza, but not the consequences? Although it’s a classic dinner option that everyone loves, pizza tends to leave a heavy, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach that makes you regret your indulgence. That’s because, unfortunately, pizza isn’t as healthy as it is tempting.

In fact, traditional pizza is:

  • High in sodium
  • High in saturated fat
  • High in calories
  • High in gluten
  • Greasy
  • Made with 100% wheat flour

While pizza is undoubtedly delicious, it’s not an everyday meal, and certainly isn’t worth risking your health. Digesting these unhealthy ingredients is bound to make you sluggish and tired, ruining the rest of your day. Furthermore, having pizza night every night can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, slow metabolism (resulting in weight gain), and high cholesterol down the line. But what if there was a nutritious alternative to pizza night that didn’t sacrifice those mouthwatering flavors?

You’re in luck.

Introducing—or shall we say, reintroducingpinsa, a Roman-style pizza that proves you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to reap the benefits of a healthy meal. Pinsa’s light, lower-calorie crust is the perfect solution to your pizza-craving dilemma! Health-conscious foodies rejoice with a refreshing upgrade from the traditional pizza dish. Indulge in your creation without guilt and truly taste the difference.

Two slices of pinsa crusts stacked on top of one another.

What is Pinsa?

In the days of Ancient Rome, there originated a recipe so revolutionary it still graces dinner tables today. Pinsa gets its name from “pinsere,” meaning “to press,” and was deemed so delightful, even the gods craved the airy crust.

What makes pinsa’s version of pizza so unique is its blend of non-GMO flours and high volume of water. Together, these elements create a crust that’s soft on the inside, crisp on the outside, and simply divine.

Pinsa’s versatility knows no bounds. Completely customizable and destined to please every palate, pinsa’s cutting edge recipe demonstrates that health benefits do not replace high flavor profiles. Not only has this healthy vegan crust stood the test of time, it’s crossed continents to grace American dinner tables today.

Our Pinsa Romana America parbaked pinsa crusts are hand-stretched, hand-pressed, and undergo a 72-hour cold fermentation process, resulting in an aromatic, swoon-worthy base for your toppings. The best part? This authentic taste of Rome is only a few minutes away! Simply add fresh ingredients to the top of the crust, pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and presto! your wholesome dish is ready to be enjoyed, guilt-free.

How’s that for revolutionary?

Pinsa vs. Pizza: Health Benefits

Non-GMO flour blend

Combining the wisdom of a centuries-old Roman recipe with the modern desire for high-quality food, pinsa’s blend of non-GMO “zero” wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours prevent bloating and discomfort after your meal. Not only does pinsa provide you with more fiber and vitamins than traditional pizza crust, but the innovative flour combination creates a warm, delicate center enclosed in an irresistibly crunchy shell.


No animals were harmed in the making of this pinsa pizza crust! By omitting dairy products such as milk, eggs, and butter, pinsa has a clean ingredient list that caters to animal lovers and lactose intolerant pizza-cravers alike. Whether or not you follow a plant-based diet, pinsa’s vegan recipe will leave everyone feeling light!

Up to 80% hydration

Pinsa’s ingredients consist of up to 80% water, prioritizing hydration in every bite. You’ll want to come back for seconds—and thirds—because the high water concentration makes pinsa so easy to digest! For comparison, traditional pizza crust only tops out at around 60% hydration.

No Added Sugars or Saturated Fats

We are committed to using simple ingredients that honor the original recipe of our Roman ancestors. Pinsa Romana America’s pinsa crusts have no added sugars or saturated fats, yet still have the most divine, authentic taste. This is mostly thanks to our revolutionary blend of flours and long leavening times. Finally, a healthy pizza crust that doesn’t skimp on flavor!


Although pinsa is not 100% gluten-free, the variety of flours in our crust reduces gluten levels. Our 72-hour cold fermentation process achieves the perfect maturation of the dough, breaking down the starches and glutens. As a pizza base with an array of nutrients, pinsa is the perfect par-baked pizza crust for everyone to enjoy. Your body will thank you!

Taste the Difference with Pinsa Romana America

Pinsa’s ingredients are a purified version from the pizza we all know and love, with a focus on upgrading flavor and digestibility. With a blend of non-GMO “zero” wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough flours, up to 80% hydration, and no added sugars or saturated fats, pinsa is simply healthier, tastier, and better than traditional pizza.

Chef Carlo Pedone, owner of Pinsa Romana America, is here to serve up this exquisite hand-pressed pinsa crust that’s taking over the U.S. market. Trusted by the legendary Di Marco Family, Carlo’s Roman-style pizza crust is leaving everyone wanting more. Try it for yourself. We know you’ll fall in love at first bite.

Buon appetito!

For more information on how to add Pinsa Romana America’s pinsa crusts to your menu, contact us!