When it comes to picking a pizza crust, there’s as much variety as there are toppings for it. But, this poses a problem for culinary professionals. With differences in shape, size, texture, and taste, how do you choose the best pizza crust?

Keep reading to learn about the 8 different types of pizza crusts, and which one is the ideal choice for you!

8 Different Types of Pizza Crusts

  1. New York Style
    New York style is what most people picture when they imagine a slice of pizza—probably because it’s the most popularly portrayed type of pizza in the media. Known for its giant-sized slices and its perfect fold-ability, New York style dough has its own unique recipe. It consists of oil and sugar, creating a slightly browned crust and a delicious taste.
  2. Sicilian
    Developed in a stand mixer and baked in a deep baking dish, Sicilian pizza is known for its light, fluffy interior and crispy bottom layer. Its texture resembles a thick sponge, similar to focaccia bread. The secret? High oil and water content. It’s the perfect pick for carb lovers looking for a little bit of extra dough!
  3. Chicago Deep-dish
    Chicago-style pizza requires a lot of care, often baking in the oven for over 45 minutes! Its mouthwatering flavor profile is a result of being baked in a cast iron pan that’s been oiled and buttered. Then, the pizza dough is spread and topped with a thick layer of cheese, insulated by a surface area of tomatoes and other garnishes. During the long baking process, the crust absorbs the fats from the toppings above, ensuring a golden-brown finish.
  4. Neapolitan
    Known for its blackened air bubbles and thin outer layer, Neapolitan pizza is remarkable in its simplicity. It has just four simple ingredients: yeast, flour, water, and salt. Traditionally, it’s baked for just about 90 seconds in a wood fire oven at temperatures of up to 800 degrees. With such excessive heat, Neapolitan crust requires careful technique and close attention. Be careful—it’s easy to burn!
  5. Pinsa
    Inspired by a centuries-old Roman recipe, pinsa is a refined crust consisting of non-GMO wheat, soy, rice, and sourdough flours, up to 80% hydration for easy digestibility, and no added fats or sugars. Pinsa’s thin crust is cloud-like on the inside, with a crunchy outer shell. Naturally vegan and gluten-friendly, it also appeals to various dietary needs, while remaining delicious to the masses.
  6. Stuffed Crust
    Cheese-lovers swoon over this non-traditional pizza crust. If a plain crust isn’t enough for you, stuffed crust pizza may be exactly what you’re looking for. This crust’s outer edge is filled with mozzarella cheese, allowing for an extra treat at the end of your slice!
  7. Cauliflower Crust
    With health-conscious eating on the rise, cauliflower pizza crusts have been increasing in popularity across the U.S. Typically made with just cauliflower, eggs, and a sprinkle of spices, it’s a simple crust with a unique cruciferous flavor. Cauliflower pizza crusts are a great alternative for gluten-free foodies, but most people steer clear when they’re craving carbs.
  8. St. Louis Style
    Often described as having a cracker-like texture, St. Louis style pizza crusts are devoid of yeast, preventing the dough from puffing up and rising in the oven. The result? A thin, extra-crispy crust—the perfect pizza base for people who like a lot of crunch! St. Louis style pizza is also dense and resilient, giving it a longer shelf life than most crusts. Your leftovers will have the same crisp consistency, even days later!

What’s the Best Type of Pizza Crust?

When looking at the qualities that constitute the perfect pizza crust, a few stand out: high-quality ingredients, a divine taste, top-notch texture, and nutritional properties.

The “best” type of pizza crust comes down to personal preference. But, if you want to uphold the elements of the ideal crust, while enchanting the entire dinner table, there happens to be a “one size fits all” of pizza crusts: pinsa.

The best pizza crust takes inherited knowledge to perfect, and pinsa is no stranger to the past. In the days of Ancient Rome, this hand-pressed crust was considered so heavenly, even the gods craved this light, delicate crust. Since being transformed into a modern dish, pinsa’s Roman roots revolutionized the way the world viewed cuisine.

This Roman-style pizza crust is made of healthy ingredients, free of excess oils, sugars, and fats. It’s gluten-friendly, vegan, and infused with extra hydration, making it the only crust on the market that’s both guilt-free and packed with flavor. The best part? It comes to your kitchen, ready to be topped with whatever ingredients the chef—or your guests—desire. Simply top-and-bake, and an authentic Italian pinsa pizza is only a few minutes away. Buon appetito!

Serve Better. Serve Pinsa!

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